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The Haiku Club

The Haiku Club is a literature project that encourages writers to explore all forms of Eastern poetry. We provide resources and events that challenge participants to better understand the Eastern poetry forms and have fun in the process.


Founded by Sano-Balron the club has benefited from the creative energy and hard work of the following haijin.

:iconalmcdermid:   :icondeinktvis:   :iconiscariot-priest:   :iconlaurence55:   :iconmoyanii:   :iconmreid973:   :iconmsjames:   :iconnorui:   :iconreddragonfly:   :iconsaiun:   :iconsano-balron:   :iconsolarts:   :iconsomethingzenzen:   :iconsomnomollior:   :iconthe-beastie:


Use the-beastie's beautiful stamp, or RedDragonfly's wonderful plz version (haikuplz/haikuplz2), to show support for the Club!   :dalove:

The lovely koi design used in the Haiku Club avatar and stamps was created by DPA-avatars.



You gather today on the shore of Lake Biwa to celebrate the Summer Solstice and Duanwu Festival as has been done for 2500 years.  Today three teams race their dragon boats across these storied waters for glory (and fun).  A Daoist priest carefully performs the "Awakening" ritual, dotting the eyes of each dragon figurehead with red, to end its slumber and invigorate its spirit.  You take your places in your respective boats, awaiting the signal to start.  A loud bell is rung and the priest walks away as you set off.  Did his shadow look like a fox?
Game Mechanics
For the month of July each team will attempt to write an unbroken chain of haiku, each taking its predecessor as inspiration.  To make this a bit more challenging we are introducing a game structure that allows the teams to interact with each other as they compete.  The game is broken into rounds.  Each round will follow this general format:
  • Draw and Review:  I will note your team with the card(s) you draw and notify you of any effects that will take place this round (depending on your response).

  • Play and Discard:  Your captain will note me with the card(s) you choose to play, any upkeep you choose to pay, and which cards you choose to discard to end the round at five cards again.

  • Write and Submit:  Your team will write and post your poems as deviations.  Your captain will then note me thumbs for each in order.

  • Resolution and Movement:  If your team completed the round with your renga intact, and met any additional requirements for the round, your team moves forward one space.  Otherwise you remain where you currently are.  Other effects that change your position are then taken into account.  Track your progress on the event journal.

The cards fall into the following categories:
  • Boons add to your movement

  • Hazards subtract from your movement

  • Challenges place an additional requirement on your poems

  • Shrines allow you to cast Boons, Hazards, and Challenges at other teams

  • Charms allow you to block a Boon, Hazard, or Challenge cast at your team

  • Spirits affect game play in interesting ways

  • Inspiration are used for upkeep of Shrines and Charms (if so desired), and for other card effects.  They are also there to lend inspiration in case you get writer's block.

The initial play order has been decided randomly.  After the first round this order will follow the pace each team completes their round of poems.  A round will take no less than one day to complete, so any team could possibly complete thirty rounds before the month is up.  Since we all have lives to lead each team receives a Matsuri card in their sideboard that grants them one free movement without any poems or effort.  Use it where your team sees fit.  Beyond that if you are unable to participate during any particular day you will want to coordinate with your team captain, who will then stand in for you and write an addition poem to complete the round.  If there is a timezone difference between your teammates it would make sense to work out an order that uses it to your advantage.

At the beginning of play each team selects the first Inspiration card, by initial order, as a suggestion to get you started.  You may choose to write your first round following this poem or start from scratch.

I will note each team with their initial hand and first drawn card.  An index of available cards is provided for reference and strategy.

Like any game it will take a couple of rounds to get the hang of it.  I will provide  game play suggestions to each team during this period to get you moving.  If you have any questions note me.  Remember that the most important goal is to have fun writing with each other.


Race Progress
  • Orchid Dragon              |o
  • Black Diamond Dragon   |—o
  • Jade Dragon                 |—o

Team Rengas

               Orchid                     Black Diamond                       Jade
                                          Dragonboat race Renga 1- spring snowspring snow
lingering pale
in the shadows
Gryllidae discordevening chorus
near the banyan tree
one cricket, off key

                                          Dragon Boat Renga Race - 1 - Snowdropwhite snowdrops
born of winter
bearing spring
Renga tree - Dragon Boat raceSkies are burning
the sun kisses the tree tops
with fiery lips

                                          Dragonboat race Renga 1- spring snowsnow uncovers
in the springtime
sky larks
Dragon Boat Race Renga Tree Ino wind -
still its mark
upon branches

  • Orchid Dragon has no activity yet
  • Black Diamond accepts the 5-7-5 challenge
  • Jade Dragon is deliberating

               Orchid                     Black Diamond                       Jade
                                          Dragonboat race Renga 2- Meadowlarkmeadowlark warble
far away across the fields
an answering note

                                          Dragon Boat Renga Race - 2 - gold anniversarybirds cooing softly
remind them of years ago
they're still holding hands
More Journal Entries


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Hello and Thx4 accept my request to join in your group! La la la la 

I'm writting
haiku in my native language, in Polish, but I always publish the English version in the description, so don't be surprise, if you will see a strange language in your group gallery B-) (Cool)

I hope, that we
will spend a lot of time on discussions about haiku!
saiun Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015
Good to meet you Mathew!  

We're a global group so poetry in any language is more than welcome (though author translations always beat Google Translate). =)  

Hope to see you participating in our regular events.  

jade-pandora Featured By Owner May 22, 2015
:hug: Welcome to the group!
DiceCube5 Featured By Owner May 23, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Thx! :happybounce: 
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Since it is almost febuary, ca I ask what that lantern-festival-thingy is, exactly? I can't seem to find an explanation for it...
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